Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Recently, I find myself 
longing to behave in a way
 that has till my current season,
 been foreign to me.

For when I behave this way
beauty and sorrow happens

This behavior goes against my nature to...
jump in and help
solve the problem
give unsolicited advise
do, do, do
fix, fix, fix
heal, heal, heal

But I find myself being called to a new thing...
to stand back and watch
yes to watch God work
but also
to watch others, those I love and know

I was recently sharing with a dear friend 
this feeling of watching I have been pressed to do.
It feels like there is a police tape in front of me...

I am on one side 
and the accident, 
the injured is on the other.
I am not allowed to cross the tape
I do not have the right credentials or authority
Instead, I am painfully watching from the sidelines.

Why am I being asked to stand and watch 
when I obviously (at least to me) 
have training and experience that could help?

As usual, I am sent to God's Word for the answer...
an answer I do not like
and yet I can not deny it

The Book of Habakkuk, in the Old Testament
is a good place to start
when it comes to attempting to understand
how God works
and what my position is, 
when it comes to watching

Habakkuk lived in a time in history when there was
strife and 
blatant sin among the Jewish people.

He cried out, praying to God 
asking a few interesting questions...
don't you see what is going on here? 
why aren't you doing anything?

I too have asked these questions,
as I stand back and watch people destroying themselves 
and one another.
People who claim to be God's people, 
They know what has been done for them,
and yet I see 
assumptions made of God's grace and mercy 
as they purposefully hurt others
while others stretch their "Christian freedom" 
by continually dipping their feet into the world.

I am fully aware of what the consequences will be
from my own experience
and from God's word.

God will handle it
in His way
in His time

God responds to prayer...

Habakkuk 1:5
Be astonished!
Because I am doing something in your days---
You would not believe if you were told.

He did it then
and He can and will do it now.

Back then, the way God handled the disregard 
His people had towards Him was to 
use another evil people to punish His own.

Showing the world that God can use evil to bring about good.

I have to admit....I do not like this truth
It is hard to watch
It is hard to understand
But I have witnessed it to be true, even in my own life.

Even Habakkuk complained to God that he did not like
the way God chose to handle the problem...

Habakkuk 1:12-17
Lord, you live forever, my God, my Holy God.
We will not die.
Lord, you have chosen the Babylonians to punish people;
our Rock, you picked them to punish.
You eyes are too good to look at evil;
you cannot stand to see those who do wrong?
So how can you put up with those evil people?
How can you be quiet when the wicked swallow up people who are better than they are?
You treat people like fish in the sea, like sea animals without a leader.
The enemy brings them in with hooks.
He catches them in his net and drags them in his fishnet.
So he rejoices and sings for joy.
The enemy offers sacrifices to his net and burns incense to worship it,
because it lets him live like the rich and enjoy the best food.
Will he keep on taking riches with his net?
Will he go on destroying people without showing mercy?

This tells me something...
Habakkuk had a deep enough relationship with God 
that he felt comfortable to question God's ways.

But it did not stop there.
He also trusted God,

Habakkuk 2: 1
I will stand like a guard to watch
and place myself at the tower.
I will wait to see what He will say to me;
I will wait to learn how God will answer my complaint.

And here it is with me...
when I pray, 
and complain....
do I go the extra step
trusting God
waiting to see how this is going to be resolved?

I am trying....

Thankfully, Habakkuk also listened to God
and I am now able to glean from his response.

Habakkuk 2: 2-3
God told him to record everything, 
so that those that read this can tell others...

God will handle all of it
Justice will be done
evil will not be tolerated

at the end of verse 4 
God reminds Habakkuk,
and me...
But, those who are right with God will live by faith.

It is impossible to write here all Habakkuk has taught me
about this watching...praying...repeating.. action
that I find myself in.

It is too rich
I see my fellow Christians failing in their walks of faith
I pray for understanding to where God is in all of this
He implores me to watch carefully in faith
to remember and record it all
to understand that even when it seems that evil has the upper hand
He is working
working to do what ever it takes to bring His people back to Him

To me
it may look like failure, pain, sorrow, impossible to rebound from

But only God can turn things around.

As He calls me to 
on this side of the line He has drawn.

Habakkuk 3:2
Lord, I have heard the news about you;
I am amazed at what you have done.
Lord, do great things once again in our time;
make those things happen again in our own days.
Even when you are angry,
remember to be kind.

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