Monday, April 13, 2015

I am the bull

You know that saying...bull in a china shop?
That is me
when it comes to
relationships with people I really care for,
with ministry
generally with anything
that I am passionate about.

I would like to say that
my excitement
and enthusiasm
gets the best of me,
but I wonder
if there is something more to it?
Is it impatience?
Dare I say...unbelief?
Not unbelief in God's existence.
But possibly unbelief that He has the situation at hand.

I think He needs my help...
let me help...
I can do it...
see me waving my arms in the air...
see me jumping out of my seat...
see me running right out the door ahead of you Lord??

Yes, maybe the task gets done,
but in my rush of enthusiasm
I become insensitive to my surroundings.
My focus becomes tunnel vision,
instead of seeing things as He sees them.

How is it that my strength is also my weakness?

As always, the Bible continues to remind me of truth.

If you have never done a character study on Peter,
I highly recommend it.

When I read about some of the actions of Peter,
I see a bit of myself.
Peter was excitable, impulsive, enthusiastic, and passionate to a fault.
On more than one occasion Jesus had to 
refocus Peter's grand gestures. 

What is so encouraging to me about Peter 
and his relationship with Jesus is ...
Jesus knew him
Jesus knew that due to his enthusiastic nature 
Peter would stumble
Jesus knew that Peter would ultimately learn from it all 
and use it for God's glory

There are two parts to Peter's story....
Part 1: He lived and learned with Jesus
Peter left his old life and followed Him. 
John 1:40-42
Peter allows fear to weaken his faith. 
Matthew 14: 25-31
Peter proclaims his belief that Jesus is "The Holy One of God".
John 6: 67-68
Peter enthusiastically misunderstood the humble actions of Jesus. 
John 13: 6-10
Peter passionately claims He would give his life to follow Jesus. 
John 13: 36-37
Peter injures another, in order to defend Jesus . 
John 18:10-11
Peter denies his relationship with Jesus. 
John 18: 15-18, 25-26
Peter runs into the tomb where Jesus had been. 
John 20: 1-10

Part 2: He helped to establish the church  
Peter becomes all God had designed him to be. 
Acts 1-15

I can only hope that I can once and for all learn to be 
less like the Peter who passionately ran head long 
into situations without fully understanding 
and more like the Peter who used his passion to
bring the truth of the gospel to a dying world.

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