Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Moving 2.0

Wes, the kids and I have a history of doing things abnormally.
 Ask any of us and we will all have the same answer....
we will get from A to B, 
but more than likely not like everyone else, 
or at least not like the world assumes we will. 

I have way too many examples to count, 
so I will just name a few from the last few years 

since they are the most fresh...

Yes, our kids are not kids anymore, 
they are young adults with their own lives and jobs, etc. 
So you would assume that all happened the typical way...
but no, 
instead of Wes and I moving into the "empty nest" season of life 
like most of our friends,
we fly the coop...
leaving the nest with the baby birds still in it. 

As usual for us, 
we have to experience things 
upside down and on a whole different level. 
I mean really, who does that?
leave the kids in charge 
of the house 
and the dog 
and heads off to parts unknown? 
We do!

For the last two years 
we have been living across the country 
in an apartment 
while our daughter and roommates 
live in our 2000 square foot house.

Our version of the "empty nest" season 
has had many choices we would have never thought 
we would be making at this stage in our marriage....
loss of jobs
moving across the country
choosing a new church community
humbly decreasing our ministry influence
renting instead of owning a home
going back to college (that's me)

And now we have chosen to add 
to this list of odd empty nest behavior by 
*joining the snowbird community prior to retirement
*owning 2 homes instead of one
*going through renovations of 2 homes 
*wholeheartedly being part of 2 church bodies

I like to think of it as Moving 2.0

Who does this? 
We do!!!!!

Our family history is proof to our 
life ---
why stop now?

There are many stories in the Old Testament 
that we can read about normal people 
that God 
and sometimes forced 
into unconventional living. 

And He still does....

When we follow after a Holy God, 
what the world would call normal goes out the window.

My two dimensional thinking 
will never come up with the amazing ways 
God moves and uses me and my family. 

I am part of His story
this great tapestry that is still a work in progress.

His plans, 
His ways 
will always be better than anything I could come up with.

I have walked with My Savoir long enough now to know
that even when what He is asking of me makes no sense on paper
there is a reason
and I must continue to trust Him.
He has always been faithful to do what is best for me and my family.
I praise His name to anyone who has ears to hear
for without Him, I am undone.

Psalm 25 (the voice)
A song of David.

ALWAYS I will lift up my soul to You, Eternal One,
BECAUSE You are my God and I put my trust in You.
    Do not let me be humiliated.
    Do not let my enemies celebrate at my expense.
CERTAINLY none of the people who rely on You will be shamed,
    but those who are unfaithful, who intentionally deceive,
    they are the ones who will be disgraced.
DEMONSTRATE Your ways, O Eternal One.
    Teach me to understand so I can follow.
EASE me down the path of Your truth.
FEED me Your word
    because You are the True God who has saved me.
    I wait all day long, hoping, trusting in You.
GRACIOUS Eternal One, remember Your compassion; rekindle Your concern and love,
    which have always been part of Your actions toward those who are Yours.
Do not HOLD against me the sins I committed when I was young;
    instead, deal with me according to Your mercy and love.
    Then Your goodness may be demonstrated in all the world, Eternal One.
IMMENSELY good and honorable is the Eternal;
    that’s why He teaches sinners the way.
With JUSTICE, He directs the humble in all that is right,
    and He shows them His way.
KIND and true are all the ways of the Eternal
    to the people who keep His covenant and His words.
O LORD, the Eternal, bring glory to Your name,
    and forgive my sins because they are beyond number.
MAY anyone who fears the Eternal
    be shown the path he should choose.
His soul will NOT only live in goodness,
    but his children will inherit the land.
ONLY those who stand in awe of the Eternal will have intimacy with Him,
    and He will reveal His covenant to them.
PERPETUALLY my focus takes me to the Eternal
    because He will set me free from the traps laid for me.
QUIETLY turn Your eyes to me and be compassionate toward me
    because I am lonely and persecuted.
RAPIDLY my heart beats as troubles build on the horizon.
    Come relieve me from these threats.
SEE my troubles and my misery,
    and forgive all my sins.
TAKE notice of my enemies.
    See how there are so many of them
    who hate me and would seek my violent destruction.
Watch over my soul,
    and let me face shame and defeat
UNASHAMED because You are my refuge.
May honor and strong character keep me safe.
    VIGILANTLY I wait for You, hoping, trusting.
Save Israel from all its troubles,

    O True God.

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