Monday, August 12, 2013

Whoa Tongue!!

My tongue gets me in more trouble than anything else

Can I get a witness?

 Once upon a time
In a land far far away
Many years ago....
On a day,
that started like
any ordinary day 
I got the phone call
that would begin my story
of humility and mercy

I thought I had all the answers
I barely listened
to the heart of the loved one on the other end of the line
I interrupted
this tender and hurting heart with heavy handed responses
raising my voice
to get my point across
not acknowledging
how hard it must have been to call
not hearing
the fear or longing for support  
I slashed through the phone line
tearing my loved one down blow by blow
there was nothing left to say
I had managed to brutally injure someone that I adored
I was so blind with "righteousness"
it appeared this would be
The End

 My tongue has
hurt people
broken hearts
broken trusts
caused doubt
brought tears to others eyes
destroyed friendships
lied for my advantage
manipulated others decisions

such a little part of the body, to do so much damage

Admitting this is hard
for the ones I hurt the most are the ones I love the most

In my head, it felt like I was doing the right thing

but often my approach was wrong
my motive was wrong

my heart was wrong

It was all wrong

My tongue 
My words
were not coated with the love of Jesus by any means

And for all of this,
I deserved to be cut off

I deserved to be counted as untrustworthy
I deserved to be "unfriended"

But I have something to share about that

instead of justice I was handed mercy

So humbling, when I knew what I really deserved

I am not saying it happened over night
mending broken hearts takes time

All I could do was sit and wait
wait to see if there would ever be a chance
to make things right
to start over

It was lonely, waiting, praying
being humbled is, well

Although I had done all the damage
the mending came from the one I hurt
another taste of humility

But this time,
the taste was sweet,
for it was sprinkled with mercy

soothing mercy
healing mercy
to one who deserved justice

So today, I honor the one who gave me mercy undeserved
I love you more today than ever
our friendship is sweeter than it has ever been

The story did not end with shattered lives
instead, like all good stories
that chapter ended with a lesson and a happy ending!

Thanks to a dear one who gave me a chance to redeem what I destroyed

James 3
The Voice (VOICE)
My brothers and sisters,
do not encourage a large number of you to become teachers
because teachers will be held to a higher standard. 
 We all stumble along the way.
If a person never speaks hurtful words
or shouts in anger or profanity,
then he has achieved perfection.
The one who can control his tongue
can also control the rest of his body. 
 It’s like when we place a metal bit into a horse’s mouth to ride it;
we can control its entire body
with the slightest movement of our hands. 
 Have you ever seen a massive ship
sailing effortlessly across the water?
Despite its immense size
and the fact that it is propelled by mighty winds,
a small rudder directs the ship in any direction the pilot chooses. 
It’s just the same with our tongues!
It’s a small muscle, capable of marvelous undertakings.
And do you know how many forest fires begin
with a single ember from a small campfire? 
 The tongue is a blazing fire
seeking to ignite an entire world of vices.
The tongue is unique among all parts of the body
because it is capable of corrupting the whole body.
If that were not enough, it ignites and consumes
the course of creation with a fuel that originates in hell itself. 
 Humanity is capable of taming every bird and beast in existence,
even reptiles and sea creatures great and small. 
But no man has ever demonstrated
the ability to tame his own tongue!
It is a spring of restless evil,
brimming with toxic poisons. 
 Ironically this same tongue can be
both an instrument of blessing to our Lord and Father
and a weapon that hurls curses upon others
who are created in God’s own image. 
 10 One mouth streams forth both blessings and curses.
My brothers and sisters, this is not how it should be. 
11 Does a spring gush crystal clear freshwater
and moments later spurt out bitter salt water? 
12 My brothers and sisters, does a fig tree produce olives?
Is there a grapevine capable of growing figs?
Can salt water give way to freshwater?
13 Who in your community is understanding and wise?
Let his example, which is marked by wisdom and gentleness,
blaze a trail for others. 
14 If your heart is one that bleeds
dark streams of jealousy and selfishness,
do not be so proud that you ignore your depraved state. 
15 The wisdom of this world
should never be mistaken for heavenly wisdom;
it originates below in the earthly realms, with the demons. 
16 Any place where you find jealousy and selfish ambition,
you will discover chaos and evil thriving under its rule. 
17 Heavenly wisdom centers on
and other good fruits untainted by hypocrisy. 
18 The seed that flowers into righteousness
will always be planted in peace
by those who embrace peace. 


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