Thursday, August 22, 2013


Anyone that really knows me
knows that I am not a shopper
I am not a browser
I really don't like hanging out at malls
if I have to shop
I always go with a list
I stick to the list
and then
I high tail it out of there.

 Tonight is going to be different

My friend and I have been talking and planning this shopping trip for weeks
Every time that we are together
we chat about it
what type to get
the best place to find it
we have gathered outside opinions
we have been doing our homework 

I can hardly wait!!!

Tonight I am getting to do something so precious, so wonderful
I am helping a friend pick out her first Bible

Maybe it is silly, but I am almost giddy with excitement

She is a new believer and so wants to do everything right
She has been so overwhelmed by what type of Bible to get
that I offered to go with her to pick it out

What an honor and a joy!

I think I have taken my Bible for granted
I have carried it with me for so long

And it isn't even my first or only Bible

I received my first Bible when I was a little girl
I still have it
a King James version
It has a cover that depicts Jesus and children sitting at his feet
I could hardly understand
what it said when I tried to read it
but I carried it with me
each Sunday to Sunday School
so that I could get a star
by my name on the attendance poster.

When I was in Junior High 
my mom bought me a paperback Bible
I still have it
a New Living Translation
it was much easier to read
and so sometimes I would
but mostly I carried it around with me
and doodled on the cover
there are a few verses highlighted inside

When I was going into High School
a guidance counselor bought me
a leather bound Bible
a King James Version
with my name inscribed in gold on the front
I still have it
It held sentimental meaning for me
and I loved showing off the burgundy book
It made me feel special
I would carry it to church with me
it was hard to read, but it looked good

When I got married
my husband bought me a brown leather bound Bible
a New American Standard 
and my married name was inscribed on the front.
I still have it
I still use it
This is the Bible 
where I began to really dig in
where I studied and read
it is written in and marked up
It is my most precious treasure
For I have learned much while turning its pages

I think about these Bibles now
as I get ready to help my friend shop for hers
I think about how long it took me to understand
what a prized possession they are

It is not just a book
It is The Book

I hope I never go back to seeing The Bible as just a book
for my life has been changed by its contents

As my friend and I shop tonight
my hope for her is that it becomes her most precious treasure
and that her walk with The Lord only gets sweeter as she reads His Words

time to shop!!!

2 Timothy 3:16-17
All Scripture is inspired by God
and is profitable for teaching,
for reproof,
for correction,
for training in righteousness;
that the man of God may be adequate,
equipped for every good work.      


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