Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Unexpected Gifts

My story is long,
My faith has grown strong and sturdy
walking up steep mountains of heartache
gazing from plateaus of peace
wandering valleys of shadows
skipping down paths of wild joy
stepping into cool waters of rest
sticking my toes in the warm sands of comfort
marching through volcanic paths of stress and anxiety
hiking along forest paths of security

All the while
never alone
This brings me to today
understanding where I have been helps me to put today into perspective
It gives today balance, substance, definition

I am in the middle of a fountain of blessings

undeserved, unexpected gifts
that were not even on my list of desires

But my Heavenly Father knew
He knew exactly what would be the best thing for me
what to give to me

Sometimes the package a gift is wrapped up in
gives away the contents of the gift

This is not so for this one.

I had no idea what to expect
my expectations were low
for I did not even expect a gift to begin with.

But here it is....
It is more than I deserve and so grand!

A full life
I thought I had lost it, that it had been stripped away

but instead
it was replaced with a different version

and I am glad
This life
This fountain of blessings
has everything I need

a long-suffering, hard-working, God-loving, devoted husband
(Happy 27th Anniversary!)

children becoming independent
old devoted friends
new faces and new friends
a beautiful place to live and explore
new church family who have embraced us
and possibility

I can not grasp how generous God has been in my new place
how very patient He has been with me
how daily He has handed me one gift at a time to open

Even though I fought the urge,
I am falling in love
with my surroundings
with the quiet, peaceful days
with the body of believers we are being knitted to
with the women who have already spoke soothing words
of grace and peace to my soul
as I have been adjusting to my new normal.

so unexpected
so undeserved

I am striding these hills of Pennsylvania in wonderment
with beautiful companions sent straight from The Lord.
Sweet voices of women who don't know me
but still desire to see me thrive here.
Wisdom they generously give, wrapped up in sisterly love.  

I am so grateful
and God is so good.

Ecclesiastes 5:18-20
Amplified Bible (AMP)
18 Behold, what I have seen to be good and fitting
is for one to eat and drink, and to find enjoyment
in all the labor in which he labors under the sun
all the days which God gives him
—for this is his [allotted] part.
19 Also, every man to whom God has given riches and possessions,
and the power to enjoy them
and to accept his appointed lot and to rejoice in his toil
this is the gift of God [to him].
20 For he shall not much remember [seriously] the days of his life,
because God [Himself] answers and corresponds to the joy of his heart
[the tranquility of God is mirrored in him].



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