Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I am an introvert at heart
Really, I am
Being an introvert does not mean I am a loner
It does mean that I prefer
a small life
a quiet life
a predictable life

I can do unpredictable when needed
because besides being an introvert
I am also a process girl
that means I am less about getting to the goal
and more about enjoying the journey.

so just to recap...
I am an introvert/process girl
eclectic I know, but there it is

What does this have to do with hair?


I am living in a new environment (a stretch for an introvert!)

With a new environment
choices need to be made,
things need to be found and discovered.

Like, where to grocery shop
selecting new doctors
and the thing that all girls dread...
finding a new hair dresser, is that the right word?

True confessions:
the last time I moved (14 years ago)
Okay, now I am embarrassed...
for years I drove almost
3 hours to get my hair done because I was afraid to let someone new mess with my hair.
There I said it!
I loved my gal,
not only did she do a perfect job on my hair,
she had become a friend.

So, I would make a weekend out of it
and make my appointment
and hang out with my parents for the weekend.
This worked for me


I know,
I was putting miles on the car,
just because 
I was afraid to let someone new touch my hair

Then about  4 years ago,
I know!!!!
I allowed someone new,
closer to home to start doing my hair.
He was not my friend, but he did a great job.
Even when his salon moved 40 minutes away, I still went.
I had driven hours for a good cut, what was 40 minutes?  

Now, being an introvert/process girl
I have a major decision to make...
Do I let my hair grow and my gray come in and call it a day?
Do I fly back to Arizona every 6 weeks for a haircut and color?
Or, do I find someone new?

It is silly-scary...
But the process side of me has won out, for now
I am going to get my hair done on Friday with a stranger
I know! I am so brave!!!

Besides being an introvert/ process girl,
I am also a Bible girl
I love to dig, dig, dig

So this introvert/process/Bible girl
decided to do a word study on human hair...
I know, weird
But, it has been very interesting and fun.

What I discovered is that human hair,
it's color,
it's length,
how it grew,
it's loss,
how it was styled,
how and when it was cut,
the amount a person had on their head...
are all talked about in the Bible

God's word used hair to 
physically describe a person,
measure the physical health of a person
and sometimes it was a way to describe the character of a person 

I think that is one of the things I love about God's word,
how He uses the things I understand,
the things that I can see and feel 
to help me to understand Him and His ways better

Today I managed to spend most of my day in the Bible
reading about hair....

funny how a real life moment in my own day,
something as random as getting my first hair cut in my new home
sent me on a wild goose chase into God's word.

I love days like this

There are over 80 verses in the Bible concerning human hair...

in case you wanted to know

Genesis 25:25, 27:11, 27:23, 42:38, 44:29, 44:31
Leviticus 13:1 – 14:9
Numbers 6:5, 6:18-19, 31:20
Deuteronomy 32:25
Judges 16:22
1 Samuel 14:45
2 Samuel 14:11, 14:26
1 Kings 1:52
2 Kings 1:8
Ezra 9:3
Nehemiah 13:25
Job 4:15
Psalms 40:12, 69:4, 68:21
Song of Solomon 4:1, 6:5, 7:5
Isaiah 3:24, 7:20, 46:4, 50:6
Jeremiah 7:29
Ezekiel 5:1, 16:7
Daniel 3:27, 4:33, 7:9
Hosea 7:9
Matthew 5:36, 10:30
Luke 7:38, 7:44, 12:7, 21:18
John 11:2, 12:3
Acts 27:34
1 Corinthians 11:14-15
1 Timothy 2:9
1 Peter 3:3
Revelation 1:14, 6:12, 9:8


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