Monday, April 29, 2013

Full Circle

I was witness
to something
amazingly beautiful

I am not even sure
I can put it into words,
but I am going to try

Part of my history belongs to a church body in Tucson, AZ.
It is where I was first accepted for who I am
the place I met Jesus
the place where I first understood
what living in community looks and feels like
I met my husband there
I met some life long friends there
I met my "in time" sister's husband there
my kids were rocked in rocking chairs there

We were there in what I would consider a high time

things change
people move away, 
people die
vision gets skewed
hearts break
and before you know it
this thriving,
God loving church
is holding on by a thread

How can that be?
It is a lot of big and little things

This process has also given me a glimpse of what a remnant looks like

For although much has happened to this body,
a remnant remained
believing that God had not abandoned them
sticking together
continuing to care and love on one another
serving the body and the community around them

Years go by...
faith remains

And then yesterday...
How can I begin?

We weren't even going to go
For we are in the middle of moving across the country
But we felt compelled to be witness to something

It was like a grand reunion, for others like us who had moved on came too.
Hugs, Tears, catching up on the years gone by

And in the midst of it all
there they were
the remnant...
standing strong and tall in their faith

All so beautiful
too beautiful to describe

This remnant,
who refused to give up or give in
who knew that God still had things He wanted them to do

took a leap of faith
they invited a new thing to happen
with an old friend

For you see,
the man they chose to shepherd them yesterday
started his spiritual journey among them many years ago
He met Jesus among this remnant
He began to learn what community means

And then,
He went out into the world to serve the Lord

And now,
He has come home to where it all began for him
to shepherd a people that he never stopped loving

Full Circle
as only a creative Savior could have arranged

What else can I say?

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