Thursday, April 25, 2013


To become altered or modified

I really don't know anyone that likes change...
even change for the good
even when the altered is better than the original
even when the modified makes more sense

Change is hard  

I personally find that living with what I have
although not perfect
even when it is hurts
even when it keeps me awake at night...

It is what I know

What is wrong with that, I say!
Knowing what is today will be the same tomorrow

How can God be
and yet be the God that
moves mountains   
changes hearts
creates a new thing?

He is and He does

Since it is true, I must know and embrace the fact that
Change is one of the ways that
He shows me what He has for me to do
He shows me that He will not leave me the way I am
He shows me that the current circumstance is not permanent

I trust My Lord
He has never abandoned me
even when I tried to run from Him and His ways
He has never given up on me
even when I am in rebellion and do what I know makes Him sad
He patiently waits for me to jump on board with what He has for me

My Abba is good that way

This worlds concept of change is so different than His

May I stay focused on God's way and perspective
and become blind to the noise of the world.

2 Corinthians 3:18

New International Reader's Version (NIRV)
Our faces are not covered with a veil. We all display the Lord’s glory.
We are being changed to become more like Him
so that we have more and more glory.
And the glory comes from the Lord, who is the Holy Spirit.

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