Monday, March 11, 2013


There they are
All stacked up
and ready to go
Everything that I feel I can't live without
All the things
I value enough to take with me
and boxed
for the next chapter of my life
I am not sad
I am not jumping for joy either
It is a weird feeling to be sure

Maybe I am in shock,
that the chance of having my own adventure is actually coming true.
I have always been a "sender"
You know, the one that cheers on and encourages those that are moving on.
I am good at it
Helping my friends see all the good that is going to come out of going
Packing them up and pushing them into their new life
I have always been a "sender"

I use to fake complain about never going, always sending.
That my lot in life was to make really good close friends
and then send them away into what God had for them to do next.

I am use to it
I have come to expect
that whenever I make a friend
that God is planning
a grand adventure for them
and I am part of the bon voyage party
One that helps them see
there is something
somewhere else for them to do.

But there is no getting around the obvious
It's my turn...
I am going!!!
I am leaving!!
It is actually happening!
I have the boxes to prove it.
I have the lease on a place to live to prove it.
I have the scheduled moving date to prove it.
It is actually happening.  

I have great anticipation about it all
God has always done a great job
of laying down the perfect path for me to follow.

He is with me

He is here

With each box I have packed, I have prayed
I have prayed for those that I am leaving behind
I have prayed for those that I have still to meet
that God has waiting for me in my new place.

He has been so good to me.
I have already met several people in my new place
that are praying for me and my family as we transition.
This is so humbling to me.
Why am I surprised that the God of the universe
has already put into motion a body of believers
that are eager to take us in and fold us into their body?

He has laid down the perfect path for me to follow.

I have yet to share with those I am leaving
all the amazing ways God has confirmed that I must go.
I think it is because I am going to miss everyone so much.
My precious family. I will miss seeing their lives unfold.
My dear friends. I will miss the laughing, the crying, the hugs, the serving...
There are moments in the day where it feels too much to bear
but then My Heavenly Father will remind me that there is purpose in it all.

So, as my boxes
begin their trek
across the country
I pray that my heart
will stay wide open
to what God is doing
in my new place .
It is exciting...
and I believe that He has invited
Wes and I to step into it.

I am truly undone
when I think about what is happening
here in my new place.
It takes my breath away.
I can not wait to start unpacking my boxes and setting up our home.
Even as I struggle to let go of where my roots are.

Psalm 16:8-11

The Voice (VOICE)
8 He is ever present with me;
at all times He goes before me.
I will not live in fear or abandon my calling
because He stands at my right hand.
9 This is a good life—my heart is glad, my soul is full of joy,
and my body is at rest.
Who could want for more?
10 You will not abandon me to experience death and the grave
or leave me to rot alone.
11 Instead, You direct me on the path that leads to a beautiful life.
As I walk with You, the pleasures are never-ending,
and I know true joy and contentment.



  1. Well, my little "Sender", I feel like I am the one that is sending you ... at leasat through my love and prayers for you! Every part of your heart that you can see ... and even the parts you can't ... I am praying over. I love you!

  2. Go with God, My sweet children, yes, I know you are grown, but you will always be my children. He has so much for you to do, just somewhere else. Love, Mama Helen

  3. I am going to miss you a whole Bunch but I know I will see u again in Heaven.Please keep in touch and as we both start a new journey may God bless us both.