Thursday, February 28, 2013

The great organizational tool

Today is one of those days
when my head is spinning
with a great and grand to-do list.
To be honest,
I am not even sure where to start
or how anyone could help.
It is a jumble of words and pictures
that I must first decipher.
I could continue to sit here
and let my brain paralyze me
I could just run around haphazardly
from one task to another
I could try to gain full control of this craziness
and make a jumbo task list
I could, I could, I could.......

This world I live in has hundreds, if not thousands of suggestions
on how to gain control of my life.
I have tried a few and they work for a while.
They are great band-aids that temporarily solve the immediate problem.
But, there is a bigger issue...
Where am I putting my trust and my energy?
Is there a perfect method out there that can solve all my problems?
You know where I am going with this, right?
My Holy God is to be first in my life.
If God is in any other place, peace will cease to exist
My trust, my energy, my life must stay fully engaged with Him.
His Method
His tools

What is His Method? Seek Him First

What are His tools?
There are many:
Reading the Bible
Having others in my life that love God and love me
Silence and Solitude

God can and does use everything in my life
to prompt me to trust Him and His ways above all else.

I must look back at how He has historically proven
His love and care for me
and then 
move forward
in trust
that He will continue to take care of me.

I must lay down at His feet 
the grand to-do list
that is in my head
and allow Him to order my day.

He is the greatest organizational tool and best.
All the others are mere shadows of Him and His ways.

That being said....
I guess I should get out of bed, where I am typing this out,
put on my big girl clothes, instead of staying in my pjs all day,
and with great anticipation follow My Lord's lead for this day.

Here I go...... 

Matthew 6:31-34

New Century Version (NCV)
31 Don’t worry and say,
‘What will we eat?’ or
‘What will we drink?’ or
‘What will we wear?’ 
32 The people who don’t know God
keep trying to get these things,
and your Father in heaven
knows you need them. 
33 Seek first God’s kingdom and what God wants.
Then all your other needs will be met as well. 
34 So don’t worry about tomorrow,
because tomorrow will have its own worries.
Each day has enough trouble of its own.

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