Monday, February 4, 2013

Oh give me a home....

I ran into a sweet friend at church yesterday
and she asked me if I was still blogging.
I had to admit that it had been a few weeks
since I last sat down long enough to put my thoughts down in an orderly manner.
You see, I am moving...
It's not like I have not always wondered what it would be like to live somewhere other than where I have always lived.
It is just, well... now it is happening, for real.
Adding to that, I am a process kinda gal.
I have never been one to focus on the final goal.
I love the journey getting there. 
So I have been in the middle of processing all the change going on in my life.
It isn't just the move...
It's the empty nest,
the releasing of old and familiar,
letting go of a ministry that I adore,
miles between me and my family,
dear friends that God gave me when I prayed,
embracing the journey,
anticipating what God has up His sleeve for me,
and so much more...
I have been going through my precious things and giving some away
to precious people that I adore and have come to love. 
I have been letting go, little by little
I have been slowly seeking something new...
None of this is easy
on me
on my kids
on my family
on my friends
But I know that I am moving toward something
that God has in mind for me to be a part of.
I don't know what it is,
but His character is consistent
so I can trust that it is true.
It is impossible to explain in a few words how I know this is right,
but to say that He has confirmed this to me and to my husband.    
So I ask all of those that care for us to pray...
Pray that we find a home...

I think about Abraham and the journey he went on with God.
Genesis 12:1
Now the Lord said to Abraham,
Go forth from your country,
and from your relatives
and from your father's house,
To the land which I will show you
Over and over God reminded Abraham that He had a plan
and that all Abraham had to do was trust and move forward.
This is what I must do as well.
Stay steeped in God's word,
for that is where God reminds me that He has a plan for me.
Trust God's plan,
even though I can not see where exactly I am going to live.
Move forward with the Holy Spirit to guide me,
knowing that not only is He going to take care
of all the details of the house that I will live in
but He is going to take care of all that He is asking me to leave behind.
He is so good to me.   

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  1. How can I relate! You are right on, sister. Soak in the process. Praying for you from a place that can totally relate.