Monday, October 1, 2012

Little Foxes

Meet my little foxes
Their names are,
and last but not least,

Aren't they just the cutest things you ever saw?

My little foxes follow me around wherever I go.
They are not tame, mind you. But they don't run away either.
They have gotten use to being around me.
Which can happen when woman and nature collide.  

Although they are sisters, I did not meet them all at once.

Distraction seems to be the leader of the pack.
She shows up at the weirdest times.
Like when I am in the middle an important conversation,
or attempting to complete a task.
She just bebops right up and tries to get me to play with her.
She is really good at making me lose track of time.
Sometimes she will just scatter my thoughts everywhere.

Her little sister Uncertainty is not as aggressive. 
She for the most part is suspicious of anything and everything.
She has lost her trust for some reason.
She tip toes around, sniffing everything before she takes a step.
When she comes around,
I never know if she is going to bite me or nuzzle up to me.
It makes me a bit jumpy.
I know she can smell my distrust and that does not help the situation at all. 
I doubt I will ever figure her out. 
It is a good thing that she does not come around much.  

Lately I have been seeing more of the runt of the litter, Insecurity.
She is skittish and does not like it when I try to touch her
or give her something so that she can see I am a nice person.
She stays at a distance, but I know she is there.
I can feel her keeping track of my movements.
She is the smartest one of the bunch.
She can read and her hearing is amazing.
She also collects things for her "in case" den.
She particularly likes pieces of paper that give a sense of stability.
Things like bank statements,
encouraging notes,
possible job offers, etc.
She even clips coupons,
I know!
She is a funny little thing.

I have decided that even though they are super cute,
I need to get rid of them.
They don't belong here.
The longer I keep them,
the bigger they will get,
the more problems they will cause.

It is not easy trying to put them back into their place.
I have kinda gotten use to having them around
even though it is a hassle.

There is only one way to get them to stop coming around.

I have to call in the Big Guy.
Have you met him?
He is the best problem solver I know,
and it doesn't cost me anything.
He takes care of the problem
and He pays the cost as well.
Pretty cool huh!

When the Big Guy comes,
He always reminds me to read the guide that He left me.
His guide is full of information on lots of things,
even how to be careful of foxes.

I am going to go and give him a ring
and while I am waiting
I am going to grab my guide so that when He asks me
I can confidently tell Him,
"Yes, I have been reading and studying the guide you left me."

He can help you too, if you happen to have little foxes of your own.

If you need His number, let me know...

Song of Solomon 2:15
Catch the foxes for us,
The little foxes that are ruining the vineyards,
While our vineyards are in blossom. 



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