Monday, October 15, 2012

Chasing the Sun

I have been in a foreign land for the last few days.
It has actually been pleasant,
not as scary as I  had anticipated. 
Trees were very colorful, 
roads were very curvy,
 and I saw God's presence there as well.
 It looked a little different, but He was there just the same. 

We went to church Saturday night
 and sang praises to the Lord for almost an hour.
 It was wonderful. 
The body was small, but that did not matter.
 It was such a charge and an encouragement to us as we pondered this new place.

We drove roads, 
got turned around, 
observed the way people lived, 
and saw Gods presence.

It was undeniable.

I so wanted to hate this foreign land. 
I wanted it to make me long for the comfort of my own bed, my own stuff.
 But, instead, 
I felt neither fear, 
nor anxiety. 
Just curiosity.

What is God doing? 
On the outside,
 my life probably looks like
an acrobatic airplane 
flying upside down, 
and sometimes straight up into the atmosphere. 
It is crazy. 

Even though that is true, 
I do not feel fear or anxiety.
In fact, I have never felt so peaceful.
 I really cannot explain it.
I guess that is good. 
That means it comes from no where else but the Holy Spirit.  

On the plane ride home tonight,
we have been
Chasing the sun
all the way west.

It made me think about how constant God is
and how many moving parts I have in my life.
No matter how slow or fast things are moving,
He does not change,
I don't have to chase Him,
I can not lose Him,
It is never dark where He is.

He is constant, like the sun (which He created)
The sun does not move
The earth moves around the sun.
I love that God did that!

So, if you happen to see 
very brightly colored acrobatic airplane go by...
that's me
And, I am not chasing the sun, 
but following The Son
and The Creator of the Universe

Enjoy the Show!!!!

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