Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Marking time

As far as I can tell,
we are the only species
on the planet
that marks time
with the events
that happen in our lives.

"That happened before kids"
"When I was in high school"
"After the summer I will....."
You know what I mean?

As a Christian, 
recognizing particular events in our lives, help us to gain perspective on who God is, how He loves us and His influence on the world.

if we let it, marks in our time can freeze us. 
Moments that we can't seem to get past or see God's hand in,
can keep us from growing in our faith.

This past week was a "Mark in Time" for my son.
When he was younger, he was involved in a program called "Side by Side".
This program used the vehicle of basketball to teach boys
how to grow up to be Christian men. 
I really loved that other men besides my husband were investing in my son.
It was one of the things that God used to grow him into who is he now.
One of the founders of the program, Coach Saunders,
left this earth to dwell in heaven earlier this month.
I am not sure that it can be counted how many young men he influenced and introduced to Jesus. Unfortunately men like this are rare and he will be dearly missed by countless families.

The "Mark in Time" was my son choosing to attend the funeral alone.
I was not sure whether he would decide to go or not,
so when he called and shared with me that he had gone and how it went,
I could not have been more proud.

Experiencing the death of someone that has been instrumental in your life,
is a huge "Mark in Time".

One does not forget.

This year,
this summer,
this month,
that day,
will always be a time
that he will use to calculate things that may have happened
before and after
the time he attended his first funeral,
for someone he cared about and deeply respected.

"Marking Time", helps me to see
where God has worked and is working in my life.
Without Markers in my life I would not have eyes to see His Way.
When I reflect on my "Markers" I think of:
My third grade Sunday school class
My bottom locker in Junior High
My Captain Crunch Jeans
Making the High School "Pom Pom" squad
Student council
My first date
Voice lessons
Changing churches
Meeting my husband
My Grandma Boo Boo's death
Mission trips
Getting married
Graduating College
My first job as a nurse
Having children
and these are just a few....

To you who are reading this, they just look like a list.
But to me, pivitol things happened and those "Markers" help me remember.

I am not afraid to remember and reflect on things in my life that remind me of who I was, where I was and how God used it all to make me who I am today.

As hard as many of those "Markers " were to go through,
I would not change a thing.
For not only do they remind me,
they also give me a place of understanding as I live in this world.
I become an instrument my Heavenly Father can use
when I lay all my "Markers" at His feet.
I long for my whole life to be useful.
Everything from my past, now and whatever is to come.
I hope that when I have left this earth to dwell in Heaven, 
that the "Markers" from my life are still apparent as a reminder
of how big God is and to show what He has done.

There are several places in the Old Testament part of the Bible 
where people left a marker
to remind them and anyone who passes by
of what God did in that place.
One of my favorite stories is in 1 Samuel chapter 7
It was a time when the Israelites were again turning back to God.
Samuel was serving as the judge of Israel (vs6) and he was instructing them
on all they must do to be right with God.
In the midst of that, Israel was attacked by their enemy.
They cried out to God and He saved them.
After that, Samuel took a stone to "Mark" what happened, 
so that no one would forget the events that had occured that day.
He called the stone, Ebenezer.
Which meant the stone of help,
to commemorate God aiding His people in the battle.

It is an interesting story worth reading.
If you have never read 1 Samuel,
in order to really get an understanding of chapter 7,
you really need to read chapter 1 through 7.

So the question today is....
How are you marking time?
Can you say that you see the "Marks" as remembrances 
of times you can reflect on where you were in relationship to God?
Be willing to use it all for His glory....

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  1. I love it Cheryl.
    It has given me many thoughts of those "Markers" in my life. It is a great reminder of what God has done and will continue to do.
    Love ya!