Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Standing up to Giants

I love nature.
I love how it reminds me how big God is and how detailed He is.
Right now here on the back porch of my parents cabin,
I have been enjoying a tiny example
of how God created an instinct in every living thing
to not only survive, but to protect.
Meet my new little friend...

 Let's call her Mamasita
Isn't she cute! She is so tiny.
When I first met Mamasita I thought she might be tame,
or use to human contact.
She had no problem sitting close to where I was.
She would just flit around chirping and sitting.
I really thought she might just come right up to me. 
I told Wes, either she is someones lost pet or there is a nest very near.
We looked all over the porch,
trying to figure out where there could possibly be a nest.
There are no holes in the eves, no places to perch.
Then I saw it,
Of coarse!
It is the most perfect place for a little mama to nest.
Away from the elements,
up and out of the way of predators.
My mom has this hanging fake pot of geraniums.
Usually it is hanging out on the beams, but she moved it in closer to the house.    
Little Mamsita found it and has a little family brewing in there.
She had no problem standing up to Wes and me
when we entered the front yard of her home.
She flew right up to us and gave us a piece of her mind!

She was protecting her nest
and it did not matter how big the the threat seemed.
We were giants in her world. 
She was going to do what she had to do
to protect what was most precious to her.

Isn't God awesome?

I have so much to learn...

I definitely have my own giants right now. 
Things that seem so big that they could crush me.
To consider standing up to them at times seems impossible.
They are big and I am small.

I have to remind myself 
to remember what is precious to me,
what is worth fighting for.

I believe God has planted in me 
the knowledge to know what is worth fighting for.
I believe He has planted that in you as well.

I have to remember and act on that fact,
even when I am scared and it feels impossible.  

I have to remember that He is backing me up. Romans 8:31

1 Samuel 17 tells a story of a young boy who took on a Giant.
It is worth reading, even if you think you already know the story.

We can never read God's Word enough.

There is always more to learn,
more to remember,
more to apply,

We learn how to stand, to fight, to be brave by feasting on God's Word.

I plan to continue to study God's Word
and to study His creation,
so that I can Stand up to the Giants that are in my life,
with the confidence that God is with me
 and will give me what I need to overcome.  

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