Monday, July 9, 2012

Loud and Proud

So, here we are in a large hotel with windows that face an interior atrium.
We were minding our own business when we realized that
practically every room's window in the place
had some sort of sports shirt hanging for everyone to see.
It seems that there was a softball tournament in town
and several teams were staying here.
The shirts in the windows were their way of pointing out
that they were there and proud of their affiliation.

Here I am trying to lay low, minding my own business.
Here they are living out loud,
desiring everyone that walks by to know who they are!

Shame on me

Now, I am not saying I should carry some sort of sign
or shirt around to hang up where ever I am to let everyone know 
I am the child of God. 

But what should I do?

My usual way is to just blend in,
get things done,
and don't cause a scene, when I am out and about.

You may occasionally see me with a Christian T-shirt on,
or wearing a cross necklace.
But that is about as loud and proud as I get. 

I have been reading through the Gospels again
and Jesus and his gang show me
how I should be showing my team colors when I am out in the world. 

There is a way that speaks volumes without saying a word.
(Like the shirts hanging in the windows)

I have to live it out,
unashamed without a care of what others say or think.

Jesus went about speaking about God,
living in community with the disciples
and then he took it a step further
and lived his faith in the midst of the lost.
He ate with them,
He walked with them,
He never stopped telling them what He believed
and what His Father had sent Him to do.

He lived with purpose.

Loud and Proud

Not Loud in volume,
but out loud in action.

Not Proud in himself,
but displaying the dignity and honor of being God's Son. 

For me, this looks like walking in the spirit

Galatians 5 has several verses that addresses this.
I suggest you read the whole chapter.
I am to keep standing firm  (vs1)
I am called to freedom, not for selfish reasons, but in order to serve others (vs13)
I am to love my neighbor (vs14)
I am to be led by the spirit (vs18)
I am to be filled by the fruits of the spirit and act them out, (vs22)
love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control

"If we live by the Spirit,
let us also walk by the Spirit.
Let us not become boastful,
challenging one another,
envying one another." (vs25 and 26)

Learning to live Loud and Proud on behalf of the kingdom
looks different than the worlds version of "representing".

It is better and longer lasting in influence.

So the question remains...
how am I doing in representing that I am a child of God?
How are you doing with this?

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Now get out there and live Loud and Proud for Jesus' sake! 

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