Monday, July 23, 2012

Good Cry

Don't you hate it when you cry in front of a stranger?
Actually I hate when I cry in front of anyone.
But today it happened to me....
there I am,
totally cool,
handling it,
I got it,
no big whoop
and then


Someone who does not even know me
asks me a deep question about my heart condition
and not only am I speechless,
but I completely melt.

I have managed all this time to keep it together
and someone who knows nothing about me
manages to find the chink in the armor.

Have you ever been there?
Can I get a witness?

I have said these words many times to others, but today it applies to me:

God can and will use anything
to get your attention and to get you back on the right path.

I know this.
Today I felt it.
It rattled me because I did not see it coming.

This person,
who I believe God used for my benefit today, 
is a stranger, okay an acquaintance.
He is a person of science, charts and graphs.

But today,
He said the right thing
at the right time
to get my attention
and to point me to where the right path was.

God is so cool like that

For He can not speak to me when my defenses are up.
I can not hear Him there.  
My way must be less, stripped away
so I can fully hear His voice.

Can you hear it?
He says....
This is the way, walk in it
Isaiah 30:21

Although it took a good cry, out of the blue, in front of a stranger to get me to see...

I pray I don't forget
that I don't get lost again

But if I do,
may I be humble enough
still enough
willing to hear Him in the midst of the noise of my life. 

And Yes,
sometimes that means crying in front of a stranger
who managed to see right through me.

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