Friday, July 6, 2012

The Big Move

Living in this fallen world is hard.
Being a Christian gives us a reason to live.

Our journeys of faith are personal.

Some days are harder than others.
It is on those days that if feels like it would be easier to give in to the darkness.
The thing is, it is a lonely path.
The further down the path of self focus, self pity, fear
and "it's not fair" anyone travels,
the darker and lonelier it becomes.
The harder it is to get back on track.

Hope becomes just a word.
Trust in God becomes just a phrase on a billboard.
The Bible becomes just a book.

God has not moved , you have.

you know who you are...

Yes, I am talking to you...

You wonder
why you feel so lonely,
why you can't find joy,
why your day to day life seems empty, meaningless,
why you feel angry or get your feelings hurt so often.

God has not moved, you have.

The more a believer wanders away
from being steeped in God's Word,
from having confidence in His ways,
from having an intimate relationship with the Heavenly Father
through prayer,
real worship
and studying who He is...

The more distant He appears to be


God has not moved, you have.

When did it happen?
How did it happen?

Did you get so comfortable in your identify as His child
that you stopped the pursuit of being the best child of God you could be?

It is a scary and lonely place....being far from Our Savior.

You know, the one who took on your sin, before you were born.
Who bore it all, so that you would be saved,
So that you would have peace and hope,
So that you would not suffer,
So that you would have the Holy Spirit to guide you,
So that you would have eternal life.

Must He completely break your heart to get your attention?


He longs for you to be a beautiful masterpiece
that He may display to a fallen world.
This is impossible when you choose to live life in your own understanding.

How is that working out for you?

Come closer.
Move toward the One who
can wipe away your tears,
take away your fear,
fill you with hope,
answer your prayers...

You need to move closer, so you can hear His voice
above the noise in your head and out in the world.

Have you forgotten how?
Or is it that you think you know all you need to know?

There is only one way...
Ask God to forgive you.
Lay down all that stuff you have been carrying around,
the things that have distracted you and separated you from God,
seeking peace of mind from other sources outside of God's Word
(Internet, TV, self-help books, others' opinions),
holding on to history (things from the past).
I could go on.
Ask God to give you the strength to not take it up again.
It is heavy and impossible to move closer to Him when you continue to carry it all.

I know it is a Big Move
But I know you can do it.

He has already given you everything you need.

Don't you want to feel free?
Aren't you tired of feeling the way you feel?

I know you have read it before, but do it again. You can never read it enough.
Read through the Gospels, 
Study your Savior.
Fall in love with Him all over again.

You will find that the rest of the world looks very different
through the lens of Christ.

That thing you thought you needed to be in control of... not so important.
Those people that you need to point out their faults to...that is His job.
The fear you feel of stepping out in order to display how big God is...
He says, "Do not fear", He is with you.

Move closer,
Move into the arms of the one who knows what is best for you.

He loves you.

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