Tuesday, May 15, 2012


When I use to work in the hospital setting
every so often I would be pulled to work in the recovery room.
This is the place that people would come after they had surgery.
There was criteria to leaving the recovery area, 
so one could be moved to a regular hospital room. 
There were monitors to watch the heart, respiration and blood pressure.
In the recovery room a person was under constant observation.
We checked for excessive bleeding,
that they were able to come out of the anesthesia safely, and
that the various systems in their body were coming back into normal range.
Anyone that ended up in the recovery room
was there because they had just been through
something extra-ordinary,
possibly life changing
and they needed assistance to right themselves,
get back on their feet
and learn how to live with what has just happened.

I find myself in a type of recovery room this week.
The last 6 months have been one thing after another.
Not all of it was bad,
just extra-ordinary,
life changing.
From the kids school issues to job changes...
things out of the ordinary that cause one to absorb, adjust, work out
and yes, recover.
It is a process, a normal and healthy process that is wise to embrace.

What happens when we don't spend some time in the recovery room
after a time of super busyness, or life changing circumstances?
We end up in the emergency room!  

It is part of the rhythm that God created.
We need rest, to regroup, and recovery after intense times.
He modeled it for us from the beginning.
After a week of intense creativity, He took a day of rest.

Genesis 2:1-3
Thus the heavens and the earth were completed, and all their hosts.
And by the seventh day God completed His work which He had done;
and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done.
Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it,
because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made. 

There is something that is important to understand about this rest...
it was not because God was tired,
it was because He was finished.
He had completed the task that He had set out to do.
He did not give up or just decide to stop for a time to rest.

He finished, then He rested.

Think on this...
when I take a day for myself, when there are still things to complete,
I end up feeling guilty,
my mind can not rest
because I know that I have left things undone.
I think God planted that in me.
There is something in me that knows I should not be thinking of myself,
but continuing until it is finished.
Then there is the flip side...
never resting,
 never in a place of recovery.
This is also a selfish place to be.
Completing a task or an intense season 
and just pulling up my big girl britches and moving on
is self centered.
This is emergency room territory.
A body and mind can only go so long before it needs rest.
Physical symptoms begin to happen.
The rhythm that God created has not been followed.
It catches up with you one way or another.

It all goes back to selfish living
when I choose to live outside of the rhythm of God. 
My laziness, 
my drive...
not of God, it is all me.
I have no one to blame when I am exasperated, exhausted, and emotional.   

Choosing God's idea of rest and recovery is the best!
There is nothing like the feeling that I get when I have come through an intense season knowing that I did all I was asked to do.
I feel the completeness of it all.
There is no guilt or selfish thoughts. 
Recovery time feels freeing, relaxing, healing, strengthening for the next thing.
I love that feeling.

So here I am...in recovery mode.
Reflecting on how big my God is.
How He perfectly accomplished what He set out to do
in my life these last 6 months. 

My heart rate is coming back to normal,
My respiration is within normal limits,
My blood pressure is stable.
No excessive bleeding, my mind is thinking clearly.

I am here just long enough.
For there is more to do,
more to accomplish. 
All set before me in God's perfect timing,
In God's perfect rhythm for my life.    


  1. Ok ... I needed this ... thank you!!

  2. This was really great. Thanks for sharing.