Monday, March 12, 2012

This is The Way

I really can't remember how long Wes and I have known Bryan and Diane.
A long time.
I can remember when all our kids were little...
diaper bags
car seats
and all that goes with that.
What I remember thinking then was how organized and confident they were.
How they always had a plan and they worked the plan.

The four of us did ministry together for a while. We studied God's word together and worked on how to better please our Heavenly Father
and serve Him.  

Life continues to move forward and here we are today...
different cities
kids on the edge of independence
all of us seeking to live out our faith in a fallen world.

Wes and I go "home" several times a year and
inevitably we run in the Bryan and Diane at our old church.
With quick hugs and brief moments of catching up on each others lives,
we file each time away until we see them again, 
along with all of our other old friends.

Things never stay the same.
Life happens
hard times come and go
fear of the unknown
growing up
growing old

About a year ago life took a hard turn for Bryan and Diane. The direction that they had planned to go was no longer an option. God placed in front of them a new road map. 
Along with the new map came
new terms like cancer
new places to go like chemo appointments 
new things to feel like pain and weakness

The road they are traveling down is not an easy 4 lane freeway,
it is a one way lane.
No U turns, no passing, no speeding,
a road called FAITH. 

The road of FAITH is the only way to travel when we are facing difficult and dark places ahead. It is The Way that our Heavenly Father equips us to bear under the stress and strain of what is ahead. Without it we are doomed for many mishaps along the way.

I believe that it is on the road that we either loosen our grip
 and trust God to navigate,
or we hold on for all its worth to stay in control.
When we fight for control,
we gain things like bitterness, anger, fear, hatred...
When we loosen our grip,
we gain faith, peace that passes understanding, mercy...

Over this past year, Bryan and Diane have lived out loud and loosened their grip as their Heavenly Father has cradled them and cared for them. They readily tell others of who God is in their life and long to see those that do not know Him, see His fingerprints on their road of suffering.
There is no doubt that Bryan and Diane, along with their kids and all of us who know and love them, know where Bryan will be when his journey is done.

To see the face of Jesus is the ultimate reward
for those that are children of God. 

But, for now,God longs to be glorified in Bryan and Diane's life together.

He longs that for us too.

FAITH is the key

We must not grow weary
but keep walking down the road that He has for each of us.
His way is The Way for those that belong to Him.

Thank you Bryan and Diane for the model of humility and faith that you are 
to me and to others.
I pray along with everyone else that knows and loves you that God will continue to care for you and your family.

To God Be the Glory! Great things He has Done!
So loved He the world that He gave us His son!   

footnote: Bryan went home to be with The Lord a few hours after I posted this blog. He is completely healed! Praise God! Please keep the family that he has left behind in your thoughts and prayers. 
If you would like to read more about Bryan's journey:  

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