Monday, March 26, 2012

A promise is a promise

Sometimes my relationship with God is so
upside down. 

I feel like the desperate parent that I was when my kids were toddlers. I would at times practically promise them anything to get them to do what I wanted and needed them to do at the time.
I was desperate to have things go smoothly,
 and yes...
my way.
I look back now and can't believe the things I would promise them,
if only they would get in line with what I wanted of them.
one more movie,
a trip to the store,
I was desperate.
They could smell it. 
They had me right where they wanted me.

Okay, so this is where things get upside down with my Abba Father.
I find myself in a place where I just want things to go smoothly, way.
I begin to pray, but instead of just entering into my Father's presence to draw near to Him, I begin to barter, beg, maybe even promise things, just to get the result I am looking for.

Sound familiar?

Oh, you say, that is not what I mean...
I love God
That's why I promise to do this or that
And, if He grants me what I want in return, that is a bonus!

Upside down. That is what this is. It does not work this way.

When I use to promise my kids what ever they wanted in return for doing things my way, it would feel great when they complied....for a while.
Then I learned that I could not keep up with all the promises that I had to make to get what I wanted. I would try, but I just couldn't do it. I had created a situation that was impossible.
I had to start over.
Clean slate.
Retrain them and myself.
I had to listen more and promise less.   

God uses real life to teach me lessons
This is nothing new to God.
He already had this discussion with many before me.

Ecclesiastes 5:1-7 is all about this principle of making promises to God.
It says to...
Guard your steps, be careful
Listen rather than offer foolish sacrifices
Think before you speak
Remember, He is God and you are not
If you make a promise, keep it immediately
It is better not to promise anything than to promise something and not do it.
Broken promises anger God, He will destroy everything you have worked for.
Useless and broken promises mean nothing
Respect God, don't let what you say be empty words.

Promises are important.
Promises to God and promises to others.
I should not make them if I don't plan to keep them,
or if it is beyond my ability to keep.
I can not make deals with The Most Holy God.
And thankfully He always keeps His promises.
No matter what!

With my Lord and those that are in my life I will work at 
listening more and promising less
Thinking before I speak
Remembering my position
Keeping the promises I do make
Respecting my Maker, my God.

My realationship with My Heavenly Father should not be about trying to get what I want through making promises of what I am willing to do.
It should be about desiring to be in His presence and follow His ways because He is God and He loves me. 
Lastly, He keeps His promises
I need to be like Him.
So I should never make a promise, unless I can keep it.

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