Monday, March 19, 2012


Why is it we always have to know?
There is always another question we want answered?
Is it possible to be satisfied with not understanding it all?
I am not sure.

One of my dear friends asked me to write a letter to her daughter who is graduating from high school this year. She said it could be about anything,
as she heads off to college.
Well, I have sent two of my own off this way and so it got me thinking...
what could I say that might cause her to think.

The first thing that popped into my mind was the fact that when we are young, just starting out into the world, we think and feel invincible. Our curiosity is high and we are eager to learn and try new things.
It is very exciting.
What could possibly go wrong?  
What could possibly go wrong?

"Oh, if I had only known." or "If I knew then what I know now!"
How many of us have said those very words?

Why didn't we listen? Do we all need to learn the hard way?!
I guess so...

Most of us have heard of the first woman
who could not leave well enough alone.
You know who I mean, Eve. 
You can read it yourself in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, Chapter 3.

Now, just like any good story, it all started out so innocently...
just curious...
just inquisitive...
just want a little more information.
What could it hurt?
Information is good right?
The more you know, the easier it is to make an "informed" decision.
Sounds good.

She thought the one that she was talking to was giving her good info. He seemed to know what he was talking about. 
I can just hear her convincing herself,
"I think what he said sounds right...Yes! I want my eyes to be opened!
I want to know and be like God! Why not?
The more I know, the more I understand...
I deserve to be in the know!"

We have the luxury of knowing the end of the story.
We want to yell!
Don't do it!
Like when we watch a movie for the umpteenth time and the villain still gets in.

The thing is, we say we might have done something differently.
Or even now, that we can't be tricked like that.
But it happens every day.
Every time we think we need more information than is really beneficial,
just so that we can be all knowing on any given subject.
The enemy is still sneaky that way.
He has not changed.

So, as I think about these young minds, heading into college.
Where professors and upper class-men appear to be all knowing and are able to influence an eager mind.
I go back to Eve.
And I pray that we can all learn from her mistake.
Learn from her willingness to listen to one that "seemed" to know what he was talking about.
Learn from her eagerness to have all the information.

May we always go back to the original source
May we not be swayed by those that "seem" to know what they are talking about.

Know what we know
and understand that sometimes more information is not the answer.      

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